Light My Fire Scout Swedish FireSteel


Light My Fire Scout Swedish FireSteel
Light My Fire Scout Swedish FireSteel Sparks
Light My Fire Scout Swedish FireSteel Spark

Light My Fire Scout Swedish FireSteel


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The must-have fire starter from back country backpacking and camping to your emergency kit in your vehicle, The Original Light My Fire Scout FireSteel can be depended on to produce a hot spark in all weather and all temperatures, even when wet. It’s important to have several ways to start a fire when in the wilderness. A slip during a river crossing or an unexpected change of weather for the worse could leave other fire starting devices ineffective. Never worry about wet matches or a lighter not working again.

To use the FireSteel, gather as much dry tinder as you can and create a nest. Collect from the resources you have available to you in your environment from dead grasses, thin shavings from a stick using your knife, pine needles, birch bark, cattails (if in season), to the lint in your pocket. Be sure to have enough small twigs and sticks to fuel your fire before you attempt to light it. Create a nest with your tinder and aim the spark inside the nest, in an effort to protect it from the wind and weather. Hold the rod and striker against each other as close to the inside of the nest as possible then quickly pull the rod towards yourself, creating sparks by firmly grinding it against the striker. Pulling the rod towards yourself instead of pushing the striker towards the nest reduces the chances of knocking everything over. Always practice extreme caution when using fire in the forest.

The Light My Fire Scout FireSteel is lightweight and compact enough that you should have one in your backpack, bug-out-bag, and emergency kit. They last a long time at approximately 3,000 strikes so be sure to practice to master the skill in good weather.

Additional information


1.1 oz / 31 g


3" x 0.85" x 0.5"


Magnesium and plastic / Stainless steel striker

Spark Temp

5,400 degrees F / 3,000 degrees C


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